Curriculum Overview: PS 33 (Chelsea Prep)

Second Grade

The second graders made Henri Matisse proud by kicking off the spring term with brightly colored, collaborative collages. Then they dug deep down to dream up their own (unusual) animal besties, designed/painted their own 2-D vases, experimented with symmetry/paper art and even created their own original puzzles.


Third/Fourth Grade

This spring I challenged my third third and fourth graders to push their creative boundaries by exploring the concept of real and surreal. Using Magritte and Oldenburg as guides, students created pretty dreamlike collages that played with the idea of known/unknown, then took an abstract approach to art and literature by giving the classic fairy tale a modern update.


Fifth Grade

It’s hard to find new ways to keep fifth graders on their toes – unless, of course, you take them to another dimension. Drawing on their knowledge of geometrical shapes, we moved from sculptural cake paintings (a la Wayne Thiebaud) to creating characters and designing our 3-D cube creatures. As you can imagine, the students had a ball! (Or was that a sphere…?)


Chelsea Prep Art Club

Some students simply cannot get enough art! Fortunately, the Art Club is there to help them spend more time in school experimenting, exploring and expanding their artistic horizons. This term’s projects included some amazing triangle abstracts, poster art for the school’s production of “Aladdin” and an introduction to stop motion animation! Check out this video compilation of the club’s original animations!