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  • Student Work: Visionary Studios

    Student Work: Visionary Studios

  • Original Art/Photography

    Original Art/Photography

  • Student Work: Silhouette Portraits

    Student Work: Silhouette Portraits

  • What I Bring to the Classroom

    What I Bring to the Classroom

  • Sample Lesson: Elementary Art

    Sample Lesson: Elementary Art

  • Curriculum Overview: PS 33

    Curriculum Overview: PS 33

  • Films/Animations



Above: Check out these colorful elementary art creations from P.S. 33, then see more amazing student artworks in the “Favorite Works” (K-12) photo gallery


The great Georgia O’Keeffe once observed that “to create one’s own world in any art takes courage.” And as an educator, I am consistently humbled, awed and inspired by the poise, talent, humor and originality my students possess. Please take this opportunity to check out this expansive photo slideshow and appreciate some incredible, inspirational images from the next generation of artists and creative thinkers.

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