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I have been a contributing writer for MTV.com since 2008, where my work has spanned everything from live event reporting to lifestyle/entertainment news and in-depth music profiles. Though my writing today is largely inspired by MTV’s on-air content, I’ve also produced numerous interactive features (quizzes, poll/video posts and games), built up MTV’s active online discussion boards and managed the official Twitter feed for the @MTVShowBlog. Below, you’ll find links to some of my most recently published articles. Please feel free to check them out in their entirety, and don’t forget to take a look at my all-time favorite works.


Single And Fabulous? Don’t Let Couple Envy Get You Down This Holiday Season


No relationship drama (or boring work parties!) The secret joys of ringin’ in the New Year solo.

In the summer, being single is the BEST! But then, seemingly overnight, winter sets in. Suddenly, everyone you know is a Couple, and they’re all hibernating together while you’re forced to endure the dark, cold nights with only a Snuggie for comfort. It’s enough to make anyone feel like a Grinch! But before you go stealing everyone’s prezzies, we wanted to let you know: you’re not alone…


10 ‘Code’-Approved (But Sort Of Embarrassing) Reasons Why It’s Good To Be A Girl

girlsrule(clipart)cropWhy being a girl totally rocks — at least 50% of the time.

For all the things that suck about having two X chromosomes, there are some aspects of ladyhood we wouldn’t trade for all the tips in Texas. Check out our 10 favorite things about being a girl (hint: it’s NOT the bathroom lines), then tell us what makes you proud to be a woman of the world..

GirlCodeAZThe ABCs Of ‘Girl Code’: 26 Pieces Of Very Important, Totally Unsolicited Advice

Tired of being a lady? Find out which ‘Girl Code’ rules were made to be broken.

There’s a lot more to being a girl than reading chick lit and love-hating Lena Dunham…

In Celebration Of Cooke And Cara’s ‘Rivals II’ Superpowers, We Give Them The Comic Book Treatment

CCsuperheroes2A comic art interpretation of Super Cara and Cooke the Girl Wonder.

Holy Mother! Is ‘Hills’ Star Kristin Cavallari Gearing Up For Baby Number Two?

kcavwifeIs the sassy star-turned-stylish mom already looking to expand to her brood?

Things might get a bit more crowded in the Cutvallari household pretty soon! Yesterday, “Hills” alum (and suburban mom extraordinaire) Kristin Cavallari told UsMagazine.com that she’s already thinking about giving Camden a younger sibling  in the not-so-distant future…”

In Defense Of Jemmye: Why Can’t The ‘Rivals II’ Underdog Catch A Break?

jemmyegreenFear of ketchup aside, Jemmye’s an all-star in the making. So why’s she the most hated girl in the house?

In a game full of vets with big-time reps, it’s hard to make a name for yourself as a (relative) newbie — especially when you’re best known for your mouthy ex-boyfriend and debilitating fear of condiments. But while Jemmye might be lacking in street cred, she’s one of the fittest, feistiest girls in the “Rivals II” house. So why can’t homegirl catch a break?

For a spunky Southerner who just proved she can swim like a fish, Jemmye’s having a hard time earning respect from her peers